People with a work disability


If you have a work disability and are unable to work at a regular company, than maybe you can find a job at Amival. To work for us, you need a certification from VDAB.


No certificiation from VDAB yet?

If you don't have a certification yet, but you want to work for a social enterprise, you can contact your local 'werkwinkel' in your city.

Looking for a job and already have a certification?

As of April 2015, the VDAB fills all our vacancies. Take contact with them via the 'werkwinkel' in your town and tell them you would like to work for Amival.

Open vacancies

There are no vacancies for the moment.

Any more questions?

Please contact Katrien Hoes (014 44 34 24). She would love to help you out.

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