Ensuring a pleasant environment.

As a public administration, you want to create a lively environment for your residents. As a company, you want to keep your grounds pleasant for employees and customers. As a healthcare institution you want to create green spaces where your residents or patients can find peace and relax. As a private owner, you enjoy a stylish, well-kept garden. A-kwadraat is ready to help with small and larger tasks. While you concentrate on other things, we ensure a pleasant environment.

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Sustainabiliy first.

We take a sustainable approach to our green care and focus on three aspects. First, maximum use of electrically powered equipment. When two-stroke machines are unavoidable, we only use environmentally friendly acrylic petrol. Second, separate waste collection and optimal waste processing. Third, pesticide-free management. Instead, we opt for manual maintenance, thermal weed burners or brush machines.

More than maintenance.

Our teams are ready to maintain public and private green spaces. But they can take care of plenty of other tasks:

Ecological all-in-one solution against the procession moth
Landscaping of parks and gardens
Placing fences
Forest management (eg removal of exotic species, felling of trees, cutting of branches)
Cleaning up litter
Maintenance of tourist infrastructure

Formulas for individuals.

A-kwadraat also helps private owners with the maintenance of their garden. We offer various formulas:

One-off maintenance
Periodic maintenance (every month, every two weeks, every season)
Variable maintenance (always on request)

Are you interested in our green care? We are happy to visit you and give you custom advice.

Gemeente Beerse

Dirk Peeters is ploegbaas van de groendienst van de Gemeente Beerse. De groene gemeente ondervindt al tien jaar veel overlast van processierupsen. Vorig jaar werd een duurzame bestrijdingmethode uitgetest: nestkasten voor koolmezen en pimpelmezen. Daarvoor werkte de gemeente samen met de groendienst en de houtafdeling van A-kwadraat.

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