Fuelled by enthusiasm.

A-kwadraat has both the necessary certificates and the required infrastructure to process open and closed food. Take closed food for example: our enthusiastic employees manually put different products together, sort packages, label the packaging and perform visual checks for you. As far as open food is concerned, you deliver your product in bulk and we package it for you.

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Food safety is central.

A-kwadraat considers food safety of paramount importance. Every step of the production process must meet the same, high standards. At A-kwadraat we can process food in a conditioned space. We also take into account possible allergens. Our traceability system allows you to closely monitor and control every step of the process. Thus we ensure the safety of your food for the consumer.


ISO 9001

Quality management system that, among other things, focuses on the client, involvement of the staff and puts continues improvement first.


BRC is a globally recognised certificate for food safety and packaging materials. More than 25.000 companies in 130 different countries adhere to this standard. This guarantees a smooth, effortless cooperation according to the norms of the food industry.

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