Our expertise in four sectors – health care, food, woodworking and green maintenance – has grown historically. The activities in which we have become good can often also be applied in other domains. Our value added services are available for any company that needs reinforcement in the field of manual packaging and assembly work. Every new question - no matter how strange - we look at with an open mind.

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Wide range of activities.

Packaging and repackaging

packaging in blister; skin packaging; unpacking; shrinking; creating assortments; unidosing

Processing or finishing

a wide range of possibilities: print finishing, support work for mailings, compiling special promotions, creating displays, …


labelling or relabelling of packaging, boxes or bottles; sticking vignettes

Mounting and kitting

repetitive tasks for the manufacturing industry, recovery of parts and raw materials (circular industry), composition of products; soldering; ...


performing visual checks with an eye for detail

Location work.

A-kwadraat carries out a lot of its activities in adapted production halls in Turnhout and in Gierle. Is your product difficult to move, does transport require too much administration or are you simply looking for a helping hand in your production line? You can rely on the location work of A-kwadraat.

For onsite work, a motivated team does the work at your location. A-kwadraat trains the employees and their potential replacements, so that you can concentrate on your own tasks. While the work is being done, there is always a supervisor present who guides and supports the team. Our supervisor is your contact for all planning and daily operations.

A-kwadraat’s enthusiastic team supports our production in all kinds of packaging assignments.
value added services


Elly Nooyens has been working for Cartamundi for over forty years. She manages the manual work of social enterprises in Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland and France. As long as she remembers, Cartamundi has been cooperating with A-kwadraat. Marc Sylverans is purchase manager of the whole Cartamundi group and manages the supply chain of the Turnhout branch.

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Abbey of Trappists Westmalle

Hans Poels is responsible for the logistics department at the Westmalle Brewery. Three years ago, retail customers requested something that meant a labour-intensive addition to their production process. Since then, an A-kwadraat team has been working in the brewery.

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