Handy jack-of-all-trades.

From our historical background in the business district in Turnhout – where healthcare, food and the printing industry are major players – A-kwadraat became specialised in those sectors. A-kwadraat 4, formerly known as Alito, has more than thirty years of experience in the wood sector and green maintenance since the early 2000’s.

The activities we perform for them are often useful in other domains. We view every new request – however strange – with an open mind. Together we find a suitable solution.

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Wide range of activities.

Packaging and repackaging of food and non-food

packaging in blister; skin packaging; unpacking; shrinking; creating assortments

Processing or finishing

a wide range of possibilities: print finishing (bookbinders, post press, wire-o, CDs, wrappers, stamping, etc), support work for mailings, compiling special promotions, creating displays, …


labelling or relabelling of packaging, boxes or bottles

Mounting and kitting

repetitive tasks for the manufacturing industry, recovery of parts and raw materials (circular industry), composition of your products


performing visual checks with an eye for detail

Green maintenance and landscaping

Maintenance of green zones; landscaping of private gardens, business sites and public facilities; forest management, clean-up of litter; maintenance of tourist infrastructure.

Planing and sawing

Planing different types of parquet; splitting and sawing work; production of table tops and custom furniture; special applications (wooden baths, columns, wine racks, saunas and restoration of old floorboards).

A specific request?

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Location work.

A-kwadraat carries out a lot of its activities in adapted production halls in Turnhout and in Gierle. Is your product difficult to move, does transport require too much administration or are you simply looking for a helping hand in your production line? You can rely on the location work of A-kwadraat.

For onsite work, a motivated team does the work at your location. A-kwadraat trains the employees and their potential replacements, so that you can concentrate on your own tasks. While the work is being done, there is always a supervisor present who guides and supports the team. Our supervisor is your contact for all planning and daily operations.

A-kwadraat’s enthusiastic team supports our production in all kinds of packaging assignments.

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