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Processing products from the pharmaceutical, medical or health industry often requires labour-intensive, repetitive handwork. As a social enterprise, we rely on hundreds of hands that are ready and willing to quickly take on the task. A-kwadraat continually invests in trainings and sector-specific infrastructure such as clean rooms, offering the highest quality guarantees.

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We know your industry well.

Thanks to our years of experience we know your sector well and we understand the sensitive issues and concerns that are important to you. Our quality service keeps a close eye on your products. We also document the entire process. With our professional approach, we build long-term, meaningful relationships with a large international client portfolio.

A-kwadraat is committed to processing and packaging our medical products with the necessary expertise.


Our quality service keeps a close eye on your products. We also document the entire process.

A-kwadraat has the following certificates:

ISO 9001

A quality management system that focuses on the client, employee involvement and continuous improvement.

ISO 13485 Medical Devices

A-kwadraat meets all safety and quality requirements for medical devices.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

A certificate of the FAMHP (Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products) for the secondary packaging of medicines.


Quality requirements demand a controlled environment for the production process to take place in. To ensure a clean work environment, A-kwadraat has a clean room ISO 8 (class D). The presence of small particles (diameter 0,5µm, 1µm and 5µm) in the air in this room is ten times lower than in the atmosphere.

At A-kwadraat, all of the puzzle pieces are fitted perfectly. It’s wonderful to see how everyone finds his place.

Knowledge and skills.

Our highly trained staff guarantees the accurate processing of your product. With our project-based, multidisciplinary approach we ensure meticulous work instructions, an efficient follow-up system, a keen eye for possible improvements and built-in control points.

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