Broad and versatile.

A-kwadraat is a flexible and versatile. We carry out small and large assignments for various sectors, governments and non-profit organizations. By splitting complex actions or processes into various simple tasks, we make work manageable. We also devise ingenious, efficient and workable solutions for the craziest questions.

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Support your production process.

Handling peaks
Companies or organizations often have a peak in their production process. This happens for large orders, temporary promotions or special requests from customers. At A-kwadraat we handle those peaks for you.

Making corrections
Of course you do everything possible to avoid errors in your production process. But sometimes things go wrong. Then you are left with a product that is not immediately usable. A small adjustment is often sufficient to restore its value. You do not have the capacity to make the corrections yourself? A-kwadraat is the suitable solution.

One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary people. But no machine can do the work of one extraordinary person. At Aurora-Productions, we have an entire team of extraordinary A-kwadraat folks.

Printing expertise.

Turnhout is internationally renowned as a region with expertise in the printing industry. As a reliable partner for many companies in the sector, A-kwadraat has acquired very specific knowledge over the past 50 years. We are pleased to help you with that knowledge today. Here is an overview of what we can do for you.

  • Cut
  • Drill
  • Punch
  • Apply tape
  • Stick vignettes
  • Apply book wraps
  • Rivet
  • Sort
  • Adhere
  • Singer sewing
  • Shrink packaging
  • Mailings

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