“Thanks to A-kwadraat, we can offer our customers complex customization”

Customer case

Customer: YEPP

Assignment: support in the production of solid and multi-layer parquet, complex customization.

Ive Gevers is co-owner of YEPP, the Turnhout-based producer and distributor of parquet, laminate and vinyl flooring. A-kwadraat supports the production and takes care of the more complex customization. As managing director, Ive has contact with our business unit Wood several times a week.

How did you come up with the idea of deploying A-kwadraat?

Ive Gevers: “When I started as department head at YEPP 25 years ago, we were already working with A-kwadraat. So, I’ve never known otherwise than A-kwadraat – then called Alito – supporting us in production.

A few years ago, we expanded our range to include custom-made multi-layer parquet and solid oak stair treads and worktops, at that moment we expanded the cooperation further. A-kwadraat is a buffer we can fall back on when our own production cannot keep up. But A-kwadraat also takes care of our customization.

Actually, A-kwadraat and YEPP have a similar activity. However, in recent years, A-kwadraat has invested heavily in its infrastructure and specific machinery. The wood department is therefore much better equipped for customization than we are. In our case, those investments would not have paid off, but thanks to A-kwadraat we can offer our customers larger volumes and more complex customization.”

What is happening exactly?

“A-kwadraat supports our production and takes care of the customization. It happens that our own sawmill cannot handle the production volume. In such cases, we call on A-kwadraat. We supply the planks and A-kwadraat carries out the initial manipulations, such as cutting the planks to size. Afterwards, we collect the material and leave it to dry, because unlike A-kwadraat we have our own drying rooms.

We also outsource special treatments and customization for which we are not equipped ourselves to A-kwadraat. Among other things, they have the necessary machines to press tablets. This enables us to offer our customers complex products, such as multi-layer parquet or stair treads and worktops in various designs.”

Are you satisfied with the output?

“A-kwadraat helps us mainly with our sawing work. Last year that amounted to 400 to 500 m³ of wood, which is about 30 trucks. The production work was slightly lower, about 10.000 m². The number of tablets fluctuates on average around 10 orders per month, but those are ‘the real special ones.’

In terms of quality, there is hardly any difference. A-kwadraat’s output is of the same level as ours. That’s logical. Our employees largely consist of the same profiles. A number of our people used to work for social enterprises themselves.”

In terms of quality, there is hardly any difference. A-kwadraat’s output is of the same level as ours.

What is the added value of a partner like A-kwadraat for you?

“A great added value is the proximity. A-kwadraat is located in Gierle, about five minutes from Turnhout. That allows us to be on the ball. Is there a plank missing? It can be delivered within half an hour. In addition, transport costs are very low.

A-kwadraat also increases our flexibility towards customers. Thanks to the collaboration, our production always has a buffer to fall back on and we can offer tailor-made solutions. Without having to invest in machines that wouldn’t pay off.

Because we have been working together for so long, we know exactly what we can expect from each other. If we have an urgent question, A-kwadraat helps us out quickly and vice versa.”

A-kwadraat has a strong focus on sustainability. YEPP has that too?

“Definitely. YEPP stands for ‘Your Ecological Parquetry Partner’ for a reason. We are working on internal environmental actions. We recently switched to LED lighting and exchanged fuel for pellets. Our drying rooms in particular are real energy guzzlers, but thanks to our own windmill, they can run on green power 24 hours a day.

We remain a commercial company, but with a partner like A-kwadraat we are able to expand our production in a sustainable way and close to the market. Without compromising on quality.”

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